A better way to engage with your audience.

乐彩33是不是合法网站create a moving user experience that engages and entices prospective customers, students, or employees to interact with your company, university, or association. our platform enables you to tell your story while taking your audience on a personalized interactive journey.

 Personalized User Experiences

o   Create rich, user-focused, custom-branded apps available in both the Android and iOS app stores.
o   Utilize user data and profiles to craft a dynamic and personalized experience that is unique for each end-user.

Active Communication Channel 

o   Interact with your audience via targeted messages and notifications.
乐彩33是不是合法网站o   Use real-time polling, surveys, and feedback capabilities to learn more from your audience.

Cutting-edge Content Support

o   in addition to standard images and videos, provide a more immersive experience to your audience using augmented reality, 360-videos, and virtual reality (cardboard compatible). 

Location-based Capabilities

乐彩33是不是合法网站o   take advantage of gps and bluetooth beacon technologies to deliver your message at the right place and at the right time.

Easy to Use "Experience Designer"

o   A complete content and communication management dashboard at your fingertips.
o   Have confidence in a secure and stable cloud-based system that is accessible from anywhere.
o   Take complete control of your content and your communication strategy with comprehensive metrics and analytics reporting.

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

o  Create an active communication channel between your university or college with high school students who are just starting to consider their next steps, and provide them a personalized path throughout the discovery, admissions, and enrollment journey.

o  Capture the spirt of your school with the 360-degree, immersive remote tour feature. Showcase locations around campus and give students a taste of what a "day in the life of a student" feels like.

o  Bring your school to life when prospective students visit campus. With the ambassador-led tour and self-guided tour features, schools can personalize tour plans and information ensuring the experience will spark an emotional connection between student and school.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

o  Increase lead generation and achieve deeper engagement with your customers by providing product information, communications, and guidance.

o  At tradeshows, effectively help visitors navigate a potentially overwhelming amount of info and products by creating a personalized experience based on their areas of interest and guiding them through your booth.

o  Stay in touch with customers throughout the year using targeted messages and notifications, and solicit feedback through surveys and polls.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

o  Boost employee engagement via a new channel of communication that can increase awareness, and celebrate activities and accomplishments throughout the company.

o  Recruit and entice prospective employees by showcasing the exciting things happening in your company.

o  Use as an onboarding tool for new employees to make it easier for them to get acquainted with your company.

See our engagement platform in action.

download the tour au app developed on sony's engagement platform for american university.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our engagement platform and how it can help you engage with your audience.